Alternative medicine for back pain, the Chinese way

Did you ever come across Tai Chi moves? It is a graceful sequence of meditative poses originated in ancient China. Tai Chi can be practiced by people of all ages because it doesn't stress out joints and muscles like other forms of exercise. Alternative medicine for back pain can be a useful help in treating heart disease, high blood pressure, insomnia and alleviate back pain. However, Tai Chi can also result in sore or sprained muscles if practiced too extensively. Learning Tai Chi from a book or video is no guarantee that you will do the movements correctly. It is vital to find an experienced instructor or even better a master teacher.

Alternative medicine for back pain, it hurts a bit …

Seventy percent of the population in North America has experienced lower back pain at one point of their life. Unfortunately, seven percent of patients with chronic back pain cannot be helped with drugs or physical therapy, turning to other alternative therapies. In an acupuncture-placebo study of 6500 patients the outcome was amazing. Two groups were tested, one with patients receiving the real acupuncture and another group receiving a mock acupuncture. In the mock acupuncture the therapist carried out the usual ritual but placed the needles randomly without using the mysterious meridians and barely punctured the skin. The study indicated that both groups received noteworthy pain relief. The human mind can be very powerful generating a placebo effect, especially when linked to a stimulating source like needles.

Yoga can be an alternative medicine for back pain
Yoga can be a very well situated medium to deal with back problems such as kyphosis and scoliosis. But Yoga is not for everyone. One has to start with this alternative back pain medicine in good times as a preventive measure and not when pain is on its peak.
The goal of yoga is to widen the awareness of the body it calms the mind and promotes healing.

Feldenkrais therapy, another alternative medicine for back pain

Feldenkrais is not only another alternative medicine for back pain it is an alternative for pain in general. The goal of this treatment is to make a patient aware of the way he moves, and demonstrate him efficient movement habits to reduce strain in the joints and save muscular energy.

One of the oldest forms of alternative medicine for back pain is massage therapy

We know three styles of massage:
The chair massage is applied to the upper body. Short 15 minute sessions are done fully clothed to help with relaxation and blood circulation.
Sports massage is a special massage for athletes before and/or after a game.
Swedish massage is an general massage that targets specific areas of treatment.

Alternative medicine for back pain, you don't feel anything but it works!
In contrast to the uncomfortable needle approach with acupuncture, Pulsed Magnetic Therapy is completely painless and free from side effects.

Alternative Medicine for Back Pain with Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

Alternative Treatment for Chronic Back Pain - YouTube Video

If back pain strikes suddenly and you can’t exercise your back, we recommend first an ice pack in the painful back area to reduce the inflammation and then use the BIO MEDICI magnetic pulser to repair the cell damage and increase the blood flow. Lay down on your back and support your knees with a pillow or place your legs on a chair.
The BIO MEDICI treatment for chronic back pain has a 28 year long history. Please read the collection of “back pain stories “and additional stories related to general health issues. A number of user reports are really amazing. The reader can learn from these experiences, especially if one has an identical health symptom.

Furthermore, read the statement of a German hospital it will interest you. It shows the capacity of the magnetic pulser. See the double blind test report from a German hospital with 20 magnetic pulser at