How Back Pain Medications affect your Health 

What are the benefits of an Aspirin treatment?
Aspirin is very popular as a long term treatment in low doses to help prevent blood clot formation, heart attacks and strokes. If you have an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) the doctor may prescribe you a daily intake of Aspirin 81 mg to avoid blood clot formations. It is also common practice to prescribe patients after heart surgery, Aspirin medicine to decrease the risk of a future heart attack.

What are the side effects of Aspirin?
A healthy person may not have noticeable side effects when given aspirin in low doses for headache or other mild pain. For persons with a history of stomach or intestinal problems the side effects of Aspirin can be gastrointestinal ulcers, stomach bleeding and tinnitus. Viral illnesses in children are no longer treated with Aspirin. The treatment of chickenpox and flu-like symptoms with aspirin can cause Reye's syndrome. The cause of this fatal syndrome has been linked to Aspirin but it occurs also in the absence of Aspirin. The symptoms of Reye's disorder are damaging numerous organs particularly the liver and brain causing hypoglycemia (a lower than normal level of blood glucose).

What are the consequences of an Aspirin overdose treatment?
The overdose of Aspirin can be acute or chronic. If a single large Aspirin dose is taken, it can lead to acute poisoning with a mortality rate of 2%.
The much higher danger lies in higher Aspirin doses over a long period of time. The lethal rate is over 25% and may be severe- particular in children.
A number of treatments to manage Aspirin poisoning are effective: intravenous dextrose, activated charcoal, sodium bicarbonate and dialysis.

As you know several medications including back pain medications have side effects. The range can be from little side effects which are almost not even noticeable, to real health issues that can lead to enormous consequences. Therefore one should not shoot immediately with "cannons on sparrows" if you have not tested mild alternative products before, weigh-out carefully the side-effects you can trade in with prescribed pain-killers which can affect the kidneys, blood cells skin, lungs and even the mind.
The task is now to locate the least dangerous medication with the most potency to suppress your back problem.

One of the safest alternative treatments without any side effects is pulsed magnetic therapy. The BIO MEDICI device provides a pulsed magnetic therapy treatment not only for back pain, but for many other ailments. For over 34 years, the BIO MEDICI has been recognized for treating more than 60 other health application possibilities. Please read the "Back Pain Stories" and check out the application list to select the right magnetic therapy treatment for you.
You can buy Aspirin (a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)), over the counter it is one of the least health's attacking medication for the majority of people with backache. The old Indians of North America used the bark of willow trees of which salicylic acid was the active ingredient to alleviate pain, headache and fever. Aspirin contains anti-inflammatory agents and is a pain reliever at the same time. Nevertheless, the dosage of Aspirin is important to be effective. The dose for adults is two to three 325 milligram tablets all 3 to 4 hours. For people with minor stomach irritation, the tablets should be taken with a meal or an antacid (preventing or counteracting acidity in the stomach). Also a stomach irritation can be reduced by drinking a glass of water with the Aspirin. Coated Aspirin can also be used for sensitive stomachs but is not well absorbed by the body, and is therefore less helpful.
Your doctor will recommend you (to his or her best knowledge) the best medication for your back problem, but be aware of the side effects it may have.