We bought our Bio Medici "Magnetic Pulse Generator" in July, for my unbearable back pain which used to plague me day and night, and also the pain which occasionally appeared in the form of a tension neck syndrome and arm syndrome - all these pains have disappeared after I had been wearing the "Magnetic Pulse Generator" for a few days. I stopped taking painkillers. I have no more sleepless nights. My high blood pressure levels has turned out to be what can be considered normal values at my age (67) after 20 years of suffering from high blood pressure. And there is something else good to report: I have a full head of growing new hair again! As I said, so much success, in such a short time! My husband also owns a Bio Medici, and it has completely cured his sever back pain and pains in knee. For 10 years he suffered from ulcerative colitis pain and then, after using the special setting, his problem was brought under control within a week. Since that time he has had no further complaints! Now, we treat our self to remain healthy, and we are happy and content. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for developing this wonderful device, and we will warmly recommend its use to others.
Your grateful customers,
Siegfried and Annerose F.

I have an extremely uncommon disorder that constantly keeps my back muscles tight and I have not been able to sleep through the night because of the pain. I can't take pain pills, so I decided to try an alternative therapy.
My girl friend in Toronto advised me in that matter, she was very successful with her back pain treatment using the Bio Medici, although it took her a week to get relieve. She says that her doctor is not sure what causes her back pain but she believes the long hours office work, especially sitting computer work is responsible for the pains.
In contrast to her experience, my back pain treatment worked in about fifteen minutes and -I could not believe it- I experienced far less pain.
During the day I use the "Magnetic Pulse Generator" for 2 hours and get through the day without lower back pain.
Thank you Bio Medici!
E. Williston

Your Bio Medici is a fantastic back pain treatment!
Your bio magnetic therapy was my last hope! I am now able to tell you that after just eight weeks of treatment using the Bio Medici, my terrible back pains have completely disappeared.
I am able to work again. I sleep well, I am active once again and I feel healthy.
Thank you with all my heart,
Gertrude M.

I too belong to the enthusiastic crowd of clients who have read your interview in the newspaper. My self help treatment was so successful that I would like to share it with you. Here is my report: I suffered from pain in the joints for over 10 years. The worst pain was in my hands, the knees and hips, the shoulders and also in my back. To alleviate the pain I had to take so many pills, that it eventually affected my stomach and I could no longer tolerate even regular food. I had to take two kinds of stomach pills and was at the point where I no longer could eat fruits and vegetables. However, since I applied the "Magnetic Pulse Generator", I am, once again, able to eat everything. I am so happy that I have eaten meanwhile all of my home made marmalade of last year. It tasted marvelous. And, after a few weeks, pain in the joints had considerably subsided.
Therefore, I would like to order an additional Bio Medici for my daughter who is also aware of its capability. And I would love to convince others of the remarkable healing powers of the bio magnetic therapy and his powerful magnetic stimulation.
With kindest regards,
K. Kowalski

Dear Professor,
I never before experienced such a pain relief. I purchased a Bio Medici "Magnetic Pulse Generator" that arrived 2 weeks ago in Malaysia and I must say after 2 weeks I am off [Celebrex.] I suffer from a biomechanical problem- my left leg is shorter than my right by 8 cm- due to fracture of the neck of the left hip joint 23 years ago. I have suffered from pain in the left hip and worn out knee joint and cartilage, worn out C6 and C7 and severe cartilage loss in one thoracic spine discs- my orthopaedist recommends surgery immediately. My spinal cord discs are worn out so that they are pinching the nerves and blood vessels, causing me pain, numbness symptoms and headaches on a daily basis. I knew about pulsed magnetic therapy like the Bio Medici from reading Becker's books but all the other devices I found on the Internet are sold at high prices, which I really cannot afford. I was at first reluctant to buy the Bio Medici although it was really not expensive but eventually decided to buy one. This was my best decision I ever made!
I have to say the results after only one week of use are really something indescribable; someone can say that the therapy success with the Bio Medici is unbelievable.
This I have never experienced before even with the most expensive painkillers around- and I DO know about pain killers- because I have used just about everyone the market.
I guess you have heard it all before. It works in stopping pain that I know for sure!
Thanks and Regards,
Justin, Malaysia

Client's Back Pain Stories and Success

The back pain stories you have read here are only a small part of many other testimonials pertaining to other health problems that have been treated successfully with the Bio Medici.
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The third story of the "Back Pain Stories" describes an extremely uncommon disorder that constantly keeps her back muscles tight.

The fourth story of the "Back Pain Stories" is about the treatment of pain in the back, joints, hands, knees, hips and shoulders.

The fifth story of the "Back Pain Stories" is not as impressive as the previous stories but still important.

Attention: Not all back injuries can be solved with Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy. The self evaluation of our "Back Pain Diagnosis" can identify a quick overview for the seriousness of your back problem.