What is the Best Treatment for Osteoporosis?

Magnetic Therapy Best Treatment for Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis can be successfully treated with Pulsed Magnetic Therapy.(PMT). Pulsed Magnetic Therapy enhances the blood circulation of the deformed bone area, it helps to improve the bone density and also regenerates the cartilage. 
The FDA approved Pulsed Magnetic Therapy not only for bone healing it was also accepted recently for pain, edema and depression. The development of that alternative treatment has started in Germany in the 60's and has grown in popularity throughout all European countries.
An osteoporosis treatment with Pulsed Magnetic Therapy can be performed wherever you go or during sleep. The practical carrying tube makes it possible to attach the Bio Medici device to your aching body areas. A person can perform a treatment session during work, watching TV or resting in bed. You can also slip the  Bio Medici under the pillow (with switch setting #1) for a relaxed deep night sleep.
To achieve the maximum benefit from the PMT treatment it is necessary to maintain the proper daily calcium and vitamin D intake. A measurable bone density improvement can be achieved within 6 month and this is far more as you can get from a supplementation alone.

However, the PMT treatment of osteoporosis without proper calcium/magnesium supplementation will slow down the loss of bone density.