Lawyers very often have a negative effect upon the healing process.
They can be very helpful when it comes to a disagreement with their clients insurance company but in many cases, complicate their recovery process and here is why:
To build a convincing case for the court, lawyers have to know each detail about your back problem(s) and also that the back pain treatment you received which did not help.

In court it is important to stress the clients' pain, suffering and disability.
The client has to keep a diary and write down all the pain and disabilities experienced, therefore reinforcing the negative mental impact upon the healing progress. In addition, the uncertainty to win the case, the high costs and the anxiety have a negative effect upon the patient's recovery.

The health care system reports an 18% cost increase since doctors tend to send their patients to more tests than necessary. They want to prove their thoroughness and make sure that they could not be blamed for medical negligence. That behaviour gives the patient the impression of the the seriousness of the disability.

If you can prove that the duration of your back pain is more than one year the chances are that you can be a candidate for a "Chronic back pain disability"! Your health history must show that all attempts to heal your illness failed and that additional efforts wouldn't improve your situation.

What has a lawyer in common with a Chronic Back Pain Disability?

Watch out! Your insurance can cancel-out your benefits due to Chronic Back Pain Disability

Jack W. fulfilled all conditions necessary to receive his chronic back pain disability payments. He was paid for 6 months and received a devastating letter from his insurance that his disability payments were canceled. What happened?
After 5 months Jack's agonizing chronic back pain diminished to a point where he was able to leave his home more often and even played with his daughter on the lawn in front of his house. He was videotaped secretly by his insurer and therefore his "chronic back pain disability" was perceived as common back problems, which of course is not a serious illness.

Chronic Back Pain Disability payments could be cancelled by the Insurance!