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Here is a brief summary for the Magnetic Pulser

The renowned German scientist Dr.Wolfgang Ludwig, the father of "Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy", helped in the development of the BIO MEDICI Magnetic Pulser. The "Magnetic Pulser" was originally developed for the use in German hospitals and clinics. A couple of years later a much smaller version was derived from the first "Magnetic Pulser".
The first battery operated "Magnetic Pulser" was introduced in North America 1984.

How does a Magnetic Pulser work?

The "Magnetic Pulser" BIO MEDICI consists of an electronic and a special developed antenna.
The core of the antenna undergoes a special treatment procedure to boost the effectiveness of the "Magnetic Pulser" and to send out magnetic harmonic waves within a certain field strength. This carefully designed balance between field strength and harmonic waves is the key to a perfect effective "Magnetic Pulser".

The BIO MEDICI "Magnetic Pulser" comes with a carrying tube and a carrying pouch. Both accessories are very important tools to attach the "Magnetic Pulser" which needs to be as close as possible to the spot of pain. The Carrying Tube can be used to keep the "Magnetic Pulser" e.g. on your back or neck during the day and even while you sleep. The Carrying Pouch has its function for a solar plexus treatment.
The magnetic pulses sent out by the "Magnetic Pulser" traveling up to one foot around the antenna penetrating through clothing until they reach their destination, the sick area.

Pulsed magnetic fields are helping sick cells to rejuvenate to their original healthy stage. They recharge and cleanse our body cells as well as expel diseases by strengthening our immune system. In addition the "Magnetic Pulser" can eliminate energy blockages responsible for many health problems. People have reported relief from different types of health ailments like arthritis, insomnia, lower back pain, cramps, inflammation, diabetic ulcers, and more.
The BIO MEDICI "Magnetic Pulser" has been praised by clients (as well as clinics and treatment centers) to be the #1 home treatment device

If you are new to the alternative treatment with the Magnetic Pulser we recommend reading first our brief introduction.

Contact us to find out how you can benefit also. 

The Bio Medici "Magnetic Pulser" has given hope where there was no hope. Even the most skeptical has to admit the amazing results of this therapy. Since 1982 we have collected a great number of testimonials many are real spectacular.