Length of legs
Sometimes patient's legs are not equal in length causing back pain and/or sciatica. In this case, the consultation of an orthopedic specialist is necessary to pinpoint the problem. Custom/non-perscription insoles/inserts for this purpose can be purchased to lift the shorter leg.
Make sure that your back pain is not caused by length difference in your legs. A self diagnostic accompanied with a wrong diagnosis of the problem can create a lot of damage! See following testimonial: Dear professor, I never before experienced such a pain relief...

The uses of drugs
A variety of anti-inflammatory drugs are available. All of them have one thing in common: Side effects!
Ask your doctor of the side-effects and more important, Google the internet to complete your own investigation.
Long term use of drugs may build up in your body. If you are an older person your system cannot detoxify efficiently from the drug(s). (Drink extra spring water!)

Ice treatment
Ice reduces the swelling caused by injury.
In the early stages of acute neck sprains or back sprains an ice treatment can be more effective than heat. Fill up a Ziploc bag with crushed ice cubes, cover it with a thin towel and sit or lie down, with the ice pouch in you back. Apply for 20 minutes.
Do not use that treatment if you have kidney problems, since the cold radiates also to your kidneys.

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Coolant Spray
Apply a coolant spray to the affected muscles. The cold effect may diminish within a couple of minutes and treatment has to be repeated several times.
Do not use coolant sprays if you have skin problems or after sweating or on broken skin. Aerosol sprays are not environmentally friendly.
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Pulsed Magnetic Therapy
Modern science introduced a new technique to restore sick cells by charging them with energy. A very fascinating method to alleviate pain, including back pain, is the use of magnetic therapy.
Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig a German scientist is known as the father of magnetic therapy. He helped to develop the BIO MEDICI pulsed magnetic therapy device. The BIO MEDICI gained an impressive reputation over the last 25 years. The pulsating magnetic field of the device increases the blood flow to the area of pain, relaxing tense back muscle and reducing inflammation.
With the BIO MEDICI you can treat more than 60 health problems

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Heat treatment
A warm bath or a shower can relax your back muscles. You can also use hot moist towels or a gel pack heated up in a microwave. Apply the heat for 30 minutes in your back.
Do not apply an alternating cold and hot treatment to your back. Your back pain will disappear promptly, but will return much stronger. Besides, that treatment may irritate your sciatica nerve, which could render a person immobile, if untreated.

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The use of a special collar
The neck can be supported by an inflatable collar or a collar made of plastazote. Injured as well as weak neck muscles need neck support to limit the head movement which prevents the head to drop suddenly, causing muscles and ligaments in the neck to be overstretched. Special neck supports have been introduced for whiplash neck injuries also known under the name Hyperextension (backward) or hyper flexion (forward bending).
For those who need an inexpensive neck support, one can be made at home, use a 4" folded towel wrapped around your neck and closed with pins at the back.

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Corsets and Supports
Ladies corsets are used since the 16th century as a commonly worn garment for women. They shaped the torso in a fashionable way and reduced the waist up to 1.5 inch. The film Moulin Rouge (2001) featured many corsets and was seen as a major milestone in the revival of corsets. The revival focused on the corset as an item of outerwear rather than underwear.
The non fashion corsets have a more health orientated purpose. They are sometimes steel boned corsets designed to support a weak spine or back and to alleviate the vibration on the back and kidneys caused by vehicles in construction and agriculture.
Do not use braces for long periods of time because your back muscles may become weakened!

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Massage treatment for back pain
One of the oldest forms to treat a sore back is massage. A variety of styles are known with one goal: to increase the blood flow of the injured area and to relax the back muscles and to dissolve nodular areas. An experienced massage therapist/practitioner starts first with a gentle touch of the back area, and then gently moves the skin, eventually massaging the underlying tissues. The pressure is steadily increased and sensitive areas are avoided.

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Back pain has plagued the human race since the beginning of time. Since then we have developed different techniques to fight back pain as well as to cure it.
Before you decide for a back treatment make sure that you have only a minor back injury. Check out our back pain diagnosis chart. This chart gives you a quick overview to determine the score of you back problem. If your self diagnosis confirms a "minor back pain" the following treatments can be applied. However, if the back pain increases or persists you should seek the help of a health professional.

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What is the best Home Health Care Product for Back Pain Treatment?