During a life time nearly everyone experience an "injured lower back". Different things can be responsible for an injured lower back the most common cause are activities one is not used to such as shoveling snow, doing yard work or lifting heavy items.
Also a car accident, a fall or a slipped disc can cause an injured lower back.

Warm or cold treatment for an injured lower back?
If you are in doubt as to what to apply for an injured lower back, here is the answer. An old home remedy to relax tense back muscles can be achieved with a warm water bottle placed in the back and should stay there for 20 to 30 minutes.
An ideal sitting position can be found in a lazy chair. By tilting the chair's back support backwards; the vertical pressure on the spine can be reduced considerably.

If you have injured your lower back recently, an ice pack treatment does the job.
Applied in the lower back area for 20 min, then take an hour break, and continue with ice. This will reduce the inflammation.

A more advanced treatment can be achieved with the BIO MEDICI device.
The special antenna of the device delivers magnetic impulses penetrating deep into the damaged tissue. Four actions are taking place at the same time:
-Injured lower back muscles become relaxed
-Inflammation is reduced
-Enhanced blood flow brings fresh oxygen to the damaged area
-Sick cells become revitalized

Warm or Cold Treatment for an Injured Lower Back?

With the BIO MEDICI magnetic pulser you can take care of over 60 different health ailments, one of them is the treatment of an injured lower back. An injured back, especially an injured lower back can be very painful. When experiencing a lower back injury, move slowly into a comfortable position and try to relax. Remember that quick movements can be the cause of even more severe back injury.

The majority of people suffer from common back pain or have a painful "injured lower back".