Before searching for any "neck and shoulder pain relief" it is advisable to undergo first a thorough physical examination to establish a diagnosis for the correct treatment. Depending the cause of the injury the location of pain and other symptoms the doctor will undertake a series of tests. For severe cases with neck and shoulder pain or back pain caused by accidents most doctors will send you first for X-rays to establish a patient's history.

How long does it take to cure back and neck pain?
This depends on the type of back or neck pain. If you suffer from common backache problems caused by e.g. stressed back muscles, this problem can be solved between 2 days to 1 week. Disc problems are more serious injuries and can last up to 3 months.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief  with Magnetic Stimulation Therapy

The majority of patients with moderate neck and shoulder pain can be helped without expensive tests and treatments. One of the most cost effective treatment methods can be obtained with pulsed magnetic therapy. If you never have looked into the field of pulsed magnetic therapy it is time to start now. Many BIO MEDICI users have treated their everyday neck and shoulder pain successfully and it can also help you.

As an owner of a BIO MEDICI device you have experienced the power of magnetic therapy and perhaps applied it for e.g. arthritis symptoms. Then you discovered that the very same device can also be used for back pain, neck and shoulder pain and much more.
Over the years hundreds of patients' testimonials were sent in describing their pain and illness and how they restored their health. The most amazing stories are written by life itself, so benefit from the experiences of others and read their testimonials.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief
Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief with Magnetic Stimualtion Therapy

Neck Pain Treatment with Pulsed Magnetic Neck Wrap - YouTube Video

Neck  pain can have many causes. Many health problems can cause neck pain like whiplash, rheumatica, pinched nerve, stress, muscle spasm and herniated disc. For moderate neck pain cases the patient can be helped with the BIO MEDICI magnetic pulser an inexpensive option. If you are a novice to this natural treatment method you should start now. The amazing effects of pulsed magnetic therapy can be used for a neck pain treatment as well as for 60 different health conditions. Here we show you how to transform the magnetic pulser to a pulsed magnetic neck wrap.