Additionally, all preventative back treatments should include a healthy and nutritious diet which is another factor to avoid obesity. Overweight persons can add an extra strain on the lower back. A balanced diet containing calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D keeps the bones strong and prevent osteoporosis.

How to prevent back pain during driving a car?

Poorly designed chairs are responsible for neck and lower back pain. They encourage a slouching posture leading to lower back pain. Try to tuck in your chin and sit as tall as you can. Lean forward with your arms on the table for 10 seconds and sit up again while arching your back. Turn your neck from side to side and shrug your shoulders to reduce tension and stiffness.

Before travelling long distances adjust your car seat closer to the steering wheel to avoid bending your neck forward. For trips exceeding sixty minutes stop periodically and walk and stretch for five minutes.

Travelling by air can be a very stressing experience for your back if seated in the economy class. Even the armrests have to be shared with your neighbors, leading sometimes to more back cramps. Choose a seat by the aisle, to get up from time to time for a little walk.

An old saying is: prevention of illness is key! This saying seems to be logical and still, not many physicians and other people, prefer talking about it. Of course the prevention of back pain is often impossible. One can hardly prove the absence of back problems following a preventative behavior. If we really want to move beyond back pain, we must comprehend the source which contributes to repeated or chronic back pain and then work out a plan to avoid them.

The major cause of back pain is the lack of physical activity. Physical work strengthens our back muscles preventing the vertebrae to shift out of position, when lifting heavy objects because back muscles are strong. On the contrary, persons who go through repetitive movements like fork lift operators who endure constant seat vibrations, and persons who endure prolonged sitting or standing, which can really take a toll on your back.

Prevent back pain with a pulsed magnetic therapy treatment

Social factors can also trigger back problems. The relationship between nicotine and the spine were carried out in different studies. It turned out that the blood flow in patients was reduced to the lower spine causing the spine discs to degenerate.

What else could be done to prevent back pain?

Is it not surprising, how little we are taught about proper lifting techniques?
Here are few important tricks to remember:

Do not bend forward when lifting heavy objects. Hold objects as close as possible to your chest. Lift heavy objects with your head up and straight back, the knees bent and the legs are used to push.
When lifting an object, the head should be kept up, the back straight, the knees bent and the legs used to push. One should never bend forward over to lift an object, and the object should always be kept close to oneself. Always plan the best way to lift an object and do it slowly and carefully. The feet should be kept shoulder-width apart. Finally, put object down carefully by bending with the knees.

Prevent back pain when lifting heavy objects

Prevent back pain with the right nutrition. 

Prevent back pain by getting rid of your old chair

"How to prevent back pain" - Campain in England and Australia

Not long ago the Australian and the UK government have launched a campaign how to prevent back pain and their related diseases. Sooner or later the North American authorities might follow similar programs to save billions of dollars each year and improve the life quality for thousands of people at the same time. Today, we are spending two million dollars for research per year but two thousand times that amount in treatment.

Sometimes you feel an oncoming pain in your back without being able to pinpoint the cause. From previous experiences a person knows that a graduating pain will follow soon. In such an incident the Bio Medici has proven its prevention of back pain countless times but the device has to be applied without delay. Don't wait until the inflammation increases. Treat your back area with switch #2 or #3 for acute inflammation.
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Eight suggestions to prevent back pain

Prevent back pain by strengthening your back muscles

Eight Suggestions to Prevent Back Pain

How to prevent back pain in an airplane?