Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is not a calcium deficiency disease. It is a condition in which our bones are losing more calcium than they can rebuild. The aging process is often blamed for the manifestation of osteoporosis symptoms since our lifestyle slows down. Several factors are responsible: Poor diet, mineral deficiency, lack of exercises and unhealthy lifestyle. The prevention of osteoporosis should start in childhood. The calcium increase must be built up and maintained during adulthood. Milk plays a very important role in our lives, it contains not only calcium but also magnesium, phosphorus and protein. Vitamin D added to the milk, which  improves the absorption of phosphorus and calcium for a strong bone density.

It is sometimes difficult for a person suffering of osteoporosis to start a new lifestyle which may prevent the symptoms of osteoporosis. These changes should be considered before or at least when the first signs of osteoporosis emerge. Daily Muscle-building (anabolic) exercises are necessary to keep the flexibility of the body (avoiding falls) and may reverse osteoporosis. Furthermore, the protein intake should be reduced; and the intake of vitamin D and calcium increased.

Remarkable progress in bone healing as well as in osteoporosis prevention was made with the introduction of Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy (PMFT). Read more about it at "Best treatment for osteoporosis".

Calcium can become toxic and lead to hardening of the arteries when magnesium levels drop.
Magnesium and calcium work in harmony because they have opposite effects.
Magnesium soothes and relaxes the muscles, while calcium tightens muscle cells.

Muscle cramps or spasms of the heart and body, are the result when calcium is taken without magnesium.
Calcium in combination with a magnesium supplement (50/50) should be taken in conjunction in order for the body to properly absorb both.The heart and the muscles radiate a wide variety of electromagnetic signals; it depends on minerals like magnesium and calcium to help generate the pulse of life.