The Science of Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

The Science of "Pulsed Magnetic Therapy"

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Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig a renowned scientist and researcher from Germany is known as the father of Pulsed Magnetic Therapy. His ingenious discoveries made him famous in the scientific world. He was also involved in the creation of the BIO MEDICI "Pulsed Magnetic Therapy" device.

If you belief that a drug, therapy or a device can heal you, you are mistaken. Nothing heals anything! Just your body can heal itself when the correct means are provided. Trillions of our body cells require every moment in our life the right frequencies and vibrations to keep us alive. If this balance is disturbed we become sick and if totally interrupted, we die.

A methodically designed "Pulsed Magnetic Therapy" device can provide this. But be aware: Pulsed Magnetic Therapy can be totally worthless for users if not all components are in place. That is why the outcome in double blind test is sometimes not in favor for Pulsed Magnetic Therapy because there are many low quality products out there!

On the other hand, a quality device supplies the right dose of pulsed magnetic energy to the cells. Certain carefully developed frequencies and harmonies are needed to multiply the effectiveness of Pulsed Magnetic Therapy.
The building blocks of your body are in need of daily mixtures of Magnetic-Electrical Signals accompanied by the proper Vibration/Harmonies in order to function properly.

Why Pulsed Magnetic Therapy?

When you look at any object through a high-powered microscope you will see the building blocks of the universe; electrons, protons and neutrons- circling each other in high speed. In fact everything what we see is nothing else as "crystallized" energy. If we move one dimension deeper we find sub-space particles. Another dimension below is the "Zero Point Field Energy". That is the endless energy reservoir where all the energy derives from.

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy reminds our body cells to return back to the source called the "Zero Point Field Energy". It reminds our body to be in a 100% balanced state of harmony and vibrancy. Pulsed Magnetic Therapy is the tool to rejuvenate, recharge and cleanse our body cells as well as expel diseases by reinforcing our immune system. Pulsed Magnetic Therapy has shown that it can eliminate energy blockages responsible for many health problems. People have reported relief from different types of health ailments like arthritis, insomnia, lower back pain, cramps, inflammation, diabetic ulcers, and more. So in short, with the right the body gets help to help itself, since our bodies can rejuvenate, just like our brain and body cells can form new ones, or our skin sheds every moment and new skin is underneath.

What you see here is the BIO MEDICI Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy Device with accessories

How does the BIO MEDICI wok?

Switch on the setting for back pain, insert the device in its carrying tube and wrap it around your back, where the pain is.
The pulsating magnetic field of the device does the rest; it increases the blood flow to the area of pain, relaxes the tense back muscle and reduces the inflammation.

The BIO MEDICI gained an impressive reputation over the last 25 years. It was originally developed by the renowned scientist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig from Germany who is known as "The father of Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy".

P. S.
That's not all!
The BIO MEDICI can treat more than 60 health problems without side effects.

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Preparing for a general treatment
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