The Most Frequent Reasons of Lower Back Pain 

The most frequent Reasons of Lower Back Pain
Back pain may be caused by discomfort and tension arising from poor everyday living habits.

Millions of people around the world suffer from back pain. The most frequent reasons of lower back pain occur in the lower back and are the result of overweight, weak back muscles, poor posture and lifting heavy objects improperly, this also includes:

#1 Reason of lower back pain: Your working position 
Sitting or working in awkward positions can cause back pain and tensions in the neck.

#2 Reason of lower back pain: Your eyeglasses
Users of bifocal glasses lift up their heads slightly for longer periods of time can cause neck or shoulder pain.

#3 Reason of lower back pain: working conditions
Those who work with their hands above their heads or computer operators may also experience back pain.

#4 Reason of lower back pain: Telephone operators
Telephone operators holding the phone between chin and elevated shoulder, are asking for upper back pain.

#5 Reason of lower back pain: Your Stomach
Pregnancy or overweight can create increased forces in front of the spine which then requires more work by the back muscles to bring back the balance.

#6 Reason of lower back pain: To many exercises
Excessive work-out can also cause back problems, e.g. jogging-the legs have a hard time withstand the constant pounding.

#7 Reason for lower back pain: A bulging disc
Under extreme pressure a damaged or worn disc can bulge at the edges and press on the posterior ligaments of the vertebrae.

#8 Reason of lower back pain: Muscle spasm
Strain or injury or even a bad posture can cause muscle spasm. In cases of disk damage the enormous compression of the contracted muscles will cause even more compression and pain. For the BIO MEDICI muslce spasm treatment, use switch setting 1+2+3+4+5+6+7. 

#9 Reason of lower back pain: A degenerate disk
A degenerative disk can cause pressure on a nerve root causing severe pain. The jelly like substance from the center of the disc bulges out and pressure on the nerve causing pain that can travel down the legs, which is called sciatica.

#10 Reason of lower back pain: Spondylolisthesis
A vertebral dislocation can result in Spondylolisthesis in which one vertebra slides forward on the vertebra below it often causing chronic back pain.

#11 Reason of lower back pain: A damaged recliner
Check the springs on your recliner chair for full function. Sometimes a spring on one side of the chair can break, causing the back support to slump a bit. When your back is resting on the uneven recliner, your back muscles are creating tension therefore causing back pain.

#12 Reason of lower back pain: A worn out mattress
A high percentage of back pain is caused by poorly designed foam mattresses. Even an expensive so called 'quality mattress' can cause a lot of back pain from the first night of use. What sales people don't tell you is that the body heat softens the resistance of the memory foam, forcing your back in an awkward position.

#13 Reason of lower back pain: A broken lawn mower seat
Check your seat of your lawn mower tractor. The seat you are sitting on for the next hours could be hanging to one side. When you try to sit up straight, the back muscles have to work twice as hard to compensate for this uncomfortable position, the result is; back pain.

#14 Reason of lower back pain: Women's fashion shoes
Avoid narrow-toed shoes, this includes also shoes which are too tight, and heels which are too high, all result in tense leg muscles, which in turn, affect the back. Either extremes produces ankle sway, which works its way up to the back and neck. Women's high heeled shoes shorten the hamstring and calf muscles, causing the tension that frequently leads to back pain.

#15 Reason of lower back pain: Unsuitable bras
Narrow shoulder straps of brassieres can cause shoulder and upper back pain, especially if they are pulled too tight.

#16 Reason of lower back pain: Choose the right pillow
People with wide shoulders who sleep on their sides require wider pillows.

#17 Reason of lower back pain: The material of the pillow
Foam rubber pillows often force the neck into a rigid position. Use a feather pillow (depending on allergies).

#18 Reason of lower back pain: Unsuitable collars
Too high or too tight collars can cause a stiff neck. Wear collars a half a size larger and, if your neck is short, stick to soft, narrow collars.

#19 Other Reasons of lower back pain
Other disorders are sometimes responsible for back pain symptoms: gallstones, tumors, kidney disease, some forms of cancer or gynecological problems. See our "Back Pain Diagnosis"

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